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Zimbabwe Guineafowl Batik Fabric Panel #003

This batik fabric panel from Zimbabwe features an guineafowl themed design in rusty brown, dark brown, pale yellow, white and metallic gold colors. Approximately 60" long by 17" wide. Perfect for wall hangings, runners and more.

The essence of the batik process is to produce a design on textiles through the use of a dye-resist. The resist, usually a wax, prevents the dye from penetrating the covered areas of the fabric, thus creating a pattern in negative. Additional wax is added to embellish the design or preserve areas in the color of the initial dye bath. The cloth is then dipped in a second dye bath. This process is repeated a number of times depending on the number of dyes involved. Producing a high quality piece of batik fabric is time-consuming and requires a high degree of skill.

This fabric panel is washable- cold or warm water, delicate cycle, line dry preferred.