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Mother and Child Soapstone Sculpture - Kenya

Enjoy this beautiful sculpture depicting a mother and her child. The simple, yet complex, love of a mother for her child is captured in this soapstone carving from Kenya.

Handcrafted from a single solid block of soapstone. A beautiful way to celebrate family and friends!
This soapstone sculpture is available in four different colors (off-white, marbled cream, black, and burgundy) and in three different sizes (large, medium, and small). The large size is approximately 10.5" high, the medium approximately 8" high, and the small is approximately 6" high.
The dimension and the color may vary slightly as each sculpture is are hand made and unique.
Soapstone carvings - or Kisii stone - from Kenya are a type of pyrophyllite used by the Kisii people of the Tabaka Hills in Western Kenya. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock consisting mostly of the mineral talc. Sometimes known as steatite, it’s very soft and frequently used for sculpting.