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Dogon granary door (Mali) Small#004

The Dogon people of Mali live 180 miles south of Timbuktu on the Bandiagara Escarpment where they cultivate millet sorghum onions and other crops. The Dogon store their millet in tall granaries with window-like openings that are closed by a door like this one.
Dogon doors are made of panels of wood held together by iron staples. They are carved with ancestal figures Kanaga masks sun lizards and scenes of life that symbolically protect the entrance.  A family's status may be indicated by the complexity of a door's design.
This Dogon granary door is approximately 13.5" wide and 17.5"/19.5" tall (not counting the hinges / including the hinges) and 1.5" thick. It is flat and would hang very nicely as a wall display or be incorporated into a cabinet or other piece of furniture.