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Burgundy swirls in stars shweshwe fabric (1408)

Three Cats shweshwe fabric by da Gama Textiles in South Africa is 100% cotton. The fabric is first dyed burgundy, the design with swirls in stars is printed in gold and orange with copper rollers, and then the fabric is starched as it has been done since its origins in Germany. The fabric even has the Three Cats logo discharged on the back. Starch washes out with machine washing (including starch lines that may appear where unwashed fabric is creased). 

For scale, the three cats label is approx. 5 3/8" x 6 7/8". 

The fabric comes to us folded by the meter (1 meter is approx. 39 inches), so for ease that is how we are selling it, by the meter. The fabric is 35" wide. Half meter minimum (even if it says yard!)

Shrinkage is up to 10% so one meter will end up being approximately one yard after washing.

Wash separately, cold to warm.
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean.
Tumble drying not recommended by the manufacturer.

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