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70" French Cotton Tablecloth Panel Lisa (Blue)

This 70" in diameter unfinished French tablecloth panel can be finished either round or square.

It is made from 100% cotton. The tablecloth panel is printed with a circular pattern on a blue background, featuring the Lisa pattern.

(The image shows a panel unfinished on a round table.)


- Acrylic-coated rectangular tablecloth (TCtrLisaBlRecSm / TCtrLisaBlRec)
- Cotton rectangular tablecloth (TCLisaBlRect)
- Acrylic-coated round tablecloth (TCtrLisaBlRD)
- Cotton round tablecloth (TCLisaBlRD)

Tablecloths in various colors, including:

- Red (TCtrLisaRdRecSmTCtrLisaRdRecTCtrLisaRedRD / TCLisaRedRD)
- Light blue (TBtrltBlLisaRectTCtrLisaLBRD / TCLisaLBRD)
- Light green (TCtrLisaGrRd)
- Blue and white (TCtrLisaBWRD
- Blue and yellow (TCLisaYBRD / TCcLisaYBRD)

Other products, such as:

- Placemats (PMAcrylLisaBlue)
- Napkins in blue (napLisaBlue), light blue (napLisaLtBl), light green (napLisaLtGr), red (napLisaRd), white (napLisaWh), and yellow (LisaYBnapkin)
- Coordinating border fabric (PR30)
- Coordinating allover fabric (PR31)