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South African Shweshwe

Fabrics > South African Shweshwe

Choose from hundreds of colorful shweshwe patterns online! All 100% cotton, 35"-wide, manufactured by Da Gama Textiles (South Africa). Three Cats comes in amazing new colors with all the starch you expect in traditional shweshwe. Note: starch may have an odor or cause white lines - both wash out with laundering.

Our selection is organized by color way. Fabric sold by the meter. Fabric should be washed before use.


CW 01 White on Brown / White and Yellow on Brown

CW 02 Yellow on Blue

CW 03 White on Red/White and Black on Red

CW 04 White on Indigo Blue

CW 06 White on Black

CW 16 Black and Green on Orange

CW 19 Green and Yellow on Black

CW 191 Turquoise, Orange, and Lime on Black

CW 20 / 201 Orange and Yellow on Burgundy /Orange, Yellow, and White on Burgundy

CW 25 / 251 Black and White on Turquoise / Black, White, and Orange on Turquoise

CW 271 Orange, Lime, and Black on Turquoise

CW 40 Blue and Yellow on Purple

CW 491 Red and Yellow on Indigo Blue

CW 50 Purple and Yellow on Pink

CW 501 / 502 Orange, Blue, and Pink on Lime Green

CW 53 / 531 Orange and Black on Red / Orange, Black, and White on Red

CW 55 Black and Mustard Gold on Cream

CW 58 Black and Orange on Golden Yellow

CW 711 White, Blue, and Yellow on Brown

CW 74 White and Blue on Navy

CW 91 White on White

CW 92 Gold on White

CW 99 Navy Blue on White

Plain Dyes

CW 22 Black and White on Pink

CW 36 Orange and Green on Pink

CW 26 Pink and Lime on Orange

CW 71 White and Blue on Brown


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Shweshwe 5'' Charm Square Pack


Green and Orange on Brown Geometric Dots Shweshwe (9842)


Green and Orange on Brown Geometric Swirls Shweshwe (0305)


Green and Brown Arrow Shweshwe


Shweshwe Border (Orange & White)


Shweshwe Border (Orange)


Shweshwe Dog Bone (Blue & White)


Shweshwe Dog Bone (Green & Brown)


Shweshwe Dog Bone (Pink & Orange)


Shweshwe Floral (Green & Brown)


Shweshwe Honeycomb (Blue)


Shweshwe Honeycomb (Green)


Shweshwe Pinwheel (Blue)


Shweshwe Pinwheel (Green)


Shweshwe Shell (Green)


Shweshwe Shell (Orange)


Shweshwe Small Flowers (Blue & Brown)


Shweshwe Small Flowers (Green & Brown)