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Cameroon Fang wooden Mask (007)

This hand carved wooden Fang mask comes from Cameroon.
The Fang people are spread over a vast area along the Atlantic coast line of equatorial Africa and can be found in Cameroon Equatorial Guinea and Gabon namely along the bank of the Ogowe river.
Sucha  mask usually worn by itinerant troubadours for hunting or punishing sorcerers is painted white with facial features outlined in black. This large elongated mask is covered with kaolin and features a face that is heart-shaped with a long fine nose.
Approximately 25.5" Tall 13" Wide and 6" Deep.
Each African mask is an "original" work of art individually hand carved; no two are exactly alike and the original nature of tribal art will be reflected by variances from the African mask as shown. The mask in the photo is the mask you will receive.