Djembe drum from Senegal (14 inch)

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This Djembe drum's shell is carved from a heavy wood, the Demba, which features high density and tight pores, making this a very bright drum.

With a 14" head (14" ring to ring and 12.75" playing surface) and 24.5 inch height, it is the perfect size for a lead drum. Goatskin top, cloth protected bar rings and double-braided polyester cording add to the quality of this drum. Tunable for years of play.
Head: 14" Head
Height: 24.5" Tall
    One-piece, Demba wood solid shell construction from Senegal (Casamance).
    33 rope runners
    Authentic natural, unbleached goatskin from Senegal.
    2 cloth wrapped rings for stable tuning and elimination of skin slippage
Decorative designs on the shell may vary.

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