Closed Oval Grass Basket - Large #001

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Traditionally the weavers in Thies made baskets from coiled grass and split palm fronds. How clever to replace the palm with plastic tubing, often straight from the plastic mat factory in Dakar, where tubing, too short to be woven into mats is sold to the weavers who now weave in the capital city. We call these baskets "Senegalese tupperware"! 
Large multicolored covered oval basket with handles both on the lid and the basket, purchased straight from the weavers in Senegal. 
When you purchase an item we send the basket pictured, but we may have others at the store so if you don't see the colors you like, send us an email and we'll see what else we can find for you!
Approximately 21.5" x 16" x 7" high (including top, but not counting the handles).

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